VFX-DOWNFALL - Stephen Moroz | FX Artist

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VFX SHORT | 2019
Downfall is a live action VFX short about an astronaut who is injured after escaping from an alien planet. As he crawls from the wreckage of his capsule, he remembers the traumatic events that caused him to crash-land.
This VFX short is the most ambitious project I have worked on to date. It was created over 8 months by me, Bradley Cocksedge and Matias Heker (and a small army of freelancers), during our final year at the University of Hertfordshire. My primary responsibility was the FX work, however I also took part in most of the pre-production and production roles, such as storywriting, pre-vis, location scouting, costume creation, camera operation, editing and layout.

The FX work I did for this project involved:
- The alien creature, from initial r&d to final shading and rendering
- Reentry flames from the falling capsule
- Cloud renders for initial earth shot
- Working with an FX freelancer to create all booster flames
- Working with an FX freelancer to create all fog/cloud passes

This film was a huge undertaking, but I am incredibly proud of the result.
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