VFX-BINARY STATE - Stephen Moroz | FX Artist

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VFX SHORT | 2018
Binary State is a VFX short about a man who has built a machine that enables him to live a perfect life in a simulated world. This is in contrast to his real self who is dissatisfied with reality and has become reliant on the machine. However, a technical malfunction causes things to go awry.
This VFX short was created over 4 months by me and two friends at university.
I was resposible for the pre-visualisation, cinematography, and all the FX work in post.

The FX work involved:
- Glitching of the wine glass
- Steam simulation for the overheating wire
- Modification of staircase geometry to make it destruction-ready
- Instancing of modular parts to assemble the full staircase
- Destruction of the staircase

The project presented us with many challenges along the way, but we learned an incredible amount as a result.
You can check out the breakdown reel below!
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